Tuesday, August 21, 2012

photos from last weekend

We loved being with friends....and WARM. Well, i did....adam in his penguin suit, less so.

The wedding was here:

In addition to the lovely wedding, we visited some local wineries.....where i found this guy:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

things, they are a changing

this is the view from the hotel.
i whine. alot. mostly about (adam would insert "everything") travelling more often. On Thursday, we are off to Hood River for a wedding and then up to Port Orchard in WA for Adam's grandpa's 90th birthday. this kicks off a frequent flyer month. at the end of the month we are in seattle and then sonoma for two more weddings and the shipping of contents of a storage unit. there may be a garage sale in there too, depending on how i feel about the contents of the storage unit (not the family stuff, mom, don't freak) here's to bringin.on.the.sun!!

My film camera has film, i have outfits, and neah has a babysitter (love you, matt). most importantly there are plans for a spray tan in place for Thursday so that i am not the goddess of pasty. i know you people all think i am a little dramatic, but even adam--whose favorite refrain has to do with me getting skin cancer from loving the sun--suggested that i think about a tanning bed. no need for a flashlight people...the moon can reflect off me and light ANYTHING. maybe the hotel has lounge chairs--i can sit in the sun and read statutes.

speaking of statutes: the other big news is that i am leaving state service tomorrow (yeah, i worked for the state in case you missed that) to go into private practice doing worker's compensation defense (same thing adam does).  I'm not going to name where i am going here, mostly to protect both me and them from my ramblings. suffice to say, i am not going to have time to blog at work anymore--so, i will have to be better about after hours ramblings. the new gig should be very fast paced, allow me to exercise some actual lawyer muscles, and comes with a view of Mt. Susitna.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

hmmm....so about summer....

Dear Summer,

You are like a bad one night stand. You came breezing into town one day, gave me a sunburn, and haven't been seen or heard from since. You suck.On a brighter note---it makes starting my new job  in a week and a half (a scary thing) much less of a chore since i don't want to be outside playing anyways.