Friday, October 29, 2010



Thursday, October 28, 2010

impending graduation

We had to order cap and gown this week. It triggered some fear, I gotta tell you. In undergrad I made a tragic error. When my Arabic professor asked me what grade I "deserved" I made the mistake of telling him the truth. I like languages, they come easily, I could have done more = B+. Low and behold, even though I killed the exam, the man gave me a B+ and i missed cum laude by the GPA distance between my honesty and an A-. I kicked myself for weeks. My early adventures in university level academia had been less than stellar--my class attendence was impeded by the Illinois winters. So, the fact that I fought my way back to nearly cum laude kinda broke my heart. In irritation, I blew off graduation and went to New Zealand to hang out with my best friend.

Now, 8 years later, another graduation is on the horizon. This one I will attend. I've earned it. Besides, who can resist getting to wear this get up:

The Doctoral regalia consists of the following pieces:
  1. Cap/Tassel: puffy and round as opposed to the stiff square ones worn in undergrad.
  2. Gown: usually black (ours are) with three velvet stripes on the sleeves and stripes down the front. 
  3. Hood: the circular fabric that hangs from my neck down my back. Honestly, it doesn't look much like a hood. It is ceremonially placed on as a sign of graduation. In my case, because Adam graduated from the same law school--he will come on stage to put mine on with a professor, seriously making my graduation a family affair. 

Luckily, my graduating class is only about 40-50 people :) and I get to invite everyone I want. Thus, my hope for a very large, very loud, cow bell plus cheering section the day before the wedding. Here's to being 5 weeks shy of done with university forever.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

too many choices, too much time

Clearly, I am struggling with color scheme. I am also struggling with things like:
  1. deciding what to eat for dinner
  2. deciding whether or not to unbury the other half of my bed from the pile of books, clothes and bags; and
  3. deciding whether i want to buy a purple boa for halloween
If you have opinions on any of those, or anything else you want to share, please feel free.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

birthdays galore.

The last few days have been crazy birthday-ness. Two of them were too far away :(, but i made up for that by partying in Belltown till the clubs closed with one Dizzy D. So, here go my birthday honorings:

1. Jobi.
I have no idea how this guy went from the king of the Seattle party scene to settled down father of two boys, but i'm going to give the credit to his beautiful wife, because i fully believe it to be her good doing. It's been 17 years and i still can't quite explain the depth of this guy's soul. I'm super proud of him over the last few years--especially related to his work with teenagers :)

I stole all these pics from Facebook. for the record.

2. Dizzy D
If it weren't for this guy, i wouldn't have number three on the list. This one convinced me moving to Seattle would be a good idea. He's also one of my favorite partners in crime for flower watching and trouble causing. In fact, he did earn the nickname "trouble" from a lovely lady named "big mama", so you know it must be gospel. and, true to tradition, he took to the dance floor at Karma to birthday breakdance :). one of these previous birthday breaking adventures ended in him windmilling into a desk, killing a computer and his watch in the process....this time we were all better off.

3. Fiance.
Yeah. that's all i need to say about that. Happy Birthday, baby. Last one apart.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Foggy, yes me, but also the morning

UW Intramural Field in the fog.
Lately, in the morning, the air is crisp, the car is covered with dew and there is fog weaving through the city. For anyone who isn't familiar with Seattle, it is hilly. Like, San Fran hilly. Like, shut down the streets if there is snow or ice hilly. So, fog winds its way around the 7 or so big hills, following the water and freeways. From on top of one of the hills it looks like a cotton blanket--deceivingly warm looking.

This is this morning. Because of my class schedule and the fact that Obama is in town, I parked on campus. I drove past this lovely UW field with folks headed to get in the monstrous line to hear the President speak.

Things are good. Keep your toes crossed everything's on the up and up.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Occupation pre-occupation

I'm glad he still loves me because I am a creature obsessed. I am obsessed with compulsively checking my email (even on sunday) to see if the job Gods have shined down on me and given me interviews (2 real, 2 informational so far). The reason this is silly is that my phone beeps whenever there's an email---so there's no reason to sit like a crazy person clicking refresh. In between clicks, I spend the better part of the day repeating this mantra: "Dear God, i've been really good lately--i'm swearing less, been quitted smoking for almost two years, and haven't made anyone cry in a long time, so, please please please, let these people in Alaska like me and at least be willing to have me interview."  Adam likes to point out the futility of bargaining with the universe, but since I think his karma bank is fuller than mine, I'm going to stick to pretending the universe's job market is a souk that I can barter my way in/out of.
photo credit: t. mickler
Actually, the real problem is more basic. I am, all my ladies put your hands up, an independant woman. I have made my own money for a long time. I work hard. I pay my credit cards off monthly, put some dinero in savings, bills are always paid and I can comforatbly buy baby toys for my bff's still as yet unseen daughter or naughty gifts for my high school roommate's wedding. These student loans for law school are a nasty thorn in my side, but one I realize I would have been hard pressed to get around.

So here it is: The idea of being without employment or insurance FREAKS ME OUT.

I want to feel like a responsible grown-up who can hold her own and contribute evenly to our marriage. I crave the security of knowing that if i can manage to pass the bar then there will be a job with my name on it. Now, if you would all please join me in repeating my mantra changing the I-whatevers to Mar-whatevers, I will be eternally grateful and you can come stay in Anchorage anytime to look for mooses.

And speaking of Obession---here's one of my favorite bachata songs by Aventura.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hole 17: Frisbee Golf

Date: October 12, 2010
Location: Kincaid Park, Anchorage, AK
Adam and Josh were on Hole: 17
Large Obstacles: 3
Solution: Skip hole 17

Monday, October 11, 2010


My girl Layli posted this---and I am epically grateful. Tradition, especially based on prejudice or nonsense ha no place in our society. I'm tired of honoring those who's legacy is more destruction than good. I hope you, too, will reconsider.

Monday, October 4, 2010

proof of life

photo by: Dhabih Eng
location: Puget Sound, Amy & Manh's wedding
I'm thinking: Oh, Dhab, it's kinda chilly and you are taking pictures.....this can't possibly be a good combo.
But: it seems to have not been a horrible combo.

ps. my fiance's very handsome.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Book Recomendation: Fifty Miles from Tomorrow

One of the great loves my of my law school career has been learning about legal progress made towards providing rights (land and otherwise) to the Indian and Alaska Native communities. Clearly, my knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing these communities is extremely limited and i have appreciated the opportunities to learn.  One arena in which i would like to work professionally is in Alaska Native Law and a substantial part of that is dominated by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANSCA) which officially awarded (ed: it was already theirs thanks for codifying) 44 million acres of land to the Alaska Natives. Rather than having reservations as in the lower 48, the tribal groups or group conglomerates created corporations which control the lands/profits/etc.

This book:
Is pretty incredible. It is written by a brilliant man who was at the center of the push to establish land claims. Hensley served in state government and has been an incredible lobbyist and influence among government and his people--to secure their rightsand also to secure their culture under the rapidly increasing pressures of white influence/decimation of the native way of life. It is both a beautiful glimpse of life in rural Alyeska and a profound commentary on the journey of a man and a people.

You cannot go wrong reading this.