Saturday, September 22, 2012

the arrival of count clockula.

so part of the trip to seattle was to bring the last of our stuff up here. it landed in the port a week after we shipped it and a week later it landed in the house. some of it, like count clockula, we had been eagerly awaiting. count clockula is my grandfather clock, so named by one ms. courtney when she and i decided that the clock was not actually going to leave its box at our Queen Anne house---thus, remaining in its travelling coffin like a good little clockula with the front off to show the face. yes, we did take it out, put the chimes in and put it back in the box.

back to this move....I was not pleased, however, when the very nice movers tilted the clock beyond the 45 degree limit and appeared in the house with it flat. i summed up all the calm i could and politely said, you need to put that back upright, it cannot lean. then i spent part of the next day concerned about the potential damage (ended up being slight).

anyways, last night while adam was practising with his bowling league team, i let the clock out of the box, slowly fixed the hammer stings, rehung the chimes (at which point the dog fled), and plugged the count back in. tick tick tick, thank effing god, tick.

The study is now complete, the clock is released from its coffin and all is right with the world.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

long lost

it seems like ages since i have written something here. i somehow feel like i have let down those of you who follow our adventures through this little blog. in the last couple of weeks people i love have given birth to sons, bought houses, married their lovers, and said goodbye to this world. anchorage had an enormous windstorm (read: cat 1 hurricane) and is now preparing for another tonight.

yet another us picture. i promise, my dress is honestly really cute.

meanwhile, we were in seattle and california soaking up the sun. here's my highlight list, which appropriate photos:

  1. we saw a speedo streaker at the mariners game...he leapt onto the field during a boring losing inning, made two stellar laps of the outfield with hefty security guards sprinting after him in his red speedo and orange crocs before the cops threatened to taze him when he reached left field.  He surrendered, placing hands behind his back and accepting the silver bracelets while the announcer blared the jail time and fine amounts to the wild cheers of thousands. 
  2. Shane and Lisa danced their way out of their own reception to the sound of music. adieu, adieu, with the stalwart partiers following and waving from the bottom of the stairs.
  3. Devin, Neda, and Ara went to watch the bucking bulls with us at the Ellensburg rodeo--my first. Yee Haw y'all. too bad the ellensburg rodeo is a better fair than the Alaska State one. 
  4. The last of the stuff in seattle--including count clockula--shipped for anchorage. My rough guess estimate of the weight turned out to be only 11lbs off. damn. and yes, not moving ourselves and coughing up cash---excellent for our marriage.
  5. celebrating Adam's Aunt Sandee's birthday for the last time. we lost her the second saturday of our trip after a long and stalwart battle with cancer. her best friend regaled us at her party with stories of their forty years of adventures around the globe. 
  6. gondolas are a tansik family vacation must! so, we ride a gondola to the Sterling vineyard in napa valley...a vineyard where you tour its mission style facility and hang out on patios with epic views. (see adam pic for gondola proof).
  7. celebrating Emma and Aric's wedding in the sun at the Beltane Ranch in Sonoma. it was so warm--both of soul and temperature. the boys were bowtied out and she play Warren G at the reception. LOVE my girl.  We stayed at this place called the Kenwood Oaks Guest House--amazing. Highly recommend it, it was peaceful, inviting, soothing and had a super comfy bed.

Thank you, to all the friends, family, and randoms who made our trip so beautiful, relaxing and full of love.