Wednesday, December 12, 2012

oh yeah, i have a blog...

So, i am a lax blogger. actually, i just haven't had much to say and adam keeps kidnapping my computer to go work on the weekends. but in way of an's neah playing in our new foot of snow.

we are getting ready for the trip to thailand. i'm so excited to see abe, emma, and sarun (joe--who i went to school with about a decade ago). i think the break to the warm will do my soul some good. this winter has been very cold and not snowy--bad for winter sports.

in other news, adam's bowling is going well. insert big lebowski joke here. and we joined the gym, which has a sauna i like to warm up in.  i have not yet managed to get over the abject nakedness of the women wandering around the locker room yet though.  i am glad that so many women over 50 are comfortable with their bodies, but seriously, i do not need to see it.

so, that's the news! love from snowy cold, not quite north pole :)