Monday, July 29, 2013

Love me mountains

We went to Denali National Park and went flight seeing....could have touched the mountain we flew so close to the North face....but looking the opposite direction, the colors were INCREDIBLE.
No doctoring done, i swear.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a flying leap off the blog bandwagon

blogging, fail.

i would love to pretend that the reason i haven't been blogging is because we haven't been doing anything, that i have been lazily lying around at home, that i have been soaking in the sun.  Truly, for most of June, i was soaking in the sun--here in Anchorage--i know, it's hard to believe i am saying that.

The last weekend in June i needed to attend a meeting in Seattle, so i called up Court, demanded she let me crash on her couch and soaked up her amazing spirit for two days.  she always has couches that demand visitors love them.  we reminisced about dus moving in unexpectedly five years ago and how lucky we've been since then.  we walked around capitol hill and found this guy spread out in the window, inhibitionless.

by the way, if reincarnation exists--which i doubt--this wouldn't be so bad.

the thing about summer is it always makes me a little nostalgic.  i find myself seeking out old friends, strengthening old bonds, making sure the little pieces of me that were left around the world are still with their rightful owners.  it fills up my heart and sets me at peace.  but it's a tricky beast, nostalgia, because you have to remember your choices, reaffirm and own them. 

so, here's to the summer of my reconnection....and if you have a little piece of my heart that hasn't touched base in a while--give a girl some love.