Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My corner

this is my corner of the library. it's where i always sit when i get here earlier than normal people. It's raining from one direction...has been off and on all day. When it's sunny in the afternoon, all the sun streams into this corner and makes me warm.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Murphy sucks (alternative title: it's raining indoors)

Today was rolling along pretty of my bosses was high on pain killers, i spent an hour long meeting making funnels out of the aluminum foil of an easter chocolate egg i got gifted, and i was all set to get crackin on work that needed done.

Then there was a "shhhhhhh" noise. it wasn't good. i thought maybe the corkboard was about to fall off my wall onto the monitor again. nope, not moving.

"Shhhh" again at which point i realized the noise was ominously coming from above me. As i lifted my head to look towards the offending noise source, the roof tiles started to change color, the dripping started and turned into a stead rain---and without realizing it i screamed: ITS RAINING (yes, Emily thought, but why are you yelling about it) IN MY OFFIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!! It was like a Administrative Code Blue---suddenly everyone rushed in and began salvaging and rescuing the computer and other electronic equipment and precious pieces of paper. Alas, it was too late for the cabinet's contents, but all was not lost as Murphy spared the one beside it that contains all my precious hard copy files. Bon voyage team unity book.

Within a few minutes, the recycle bins were all in place to catch the trickling water still running out of the cabinet, facilities turned off the offending pipe's water source, and i got my self relocated here---in the cubicle corral. Tah dah.

Friday, March 19, 2010

test driving continued...

So i was pretty miserable, unable to focus and convinced that the contact gods were against me. In that state of utter desparation, i went back to the eye doctor (who for the record i HIGHLY reccomind--Dr. Michael Hsu in Seattle). I explained the contact gods hate me, that i couldnt see, and that i was having trouble putting them in and taking them out. Dr. Hsu rechecked my prescription--turns out i've been somehow compensating for not strong enough glasses as i am more nearsighted than we thought. He then reappeared with a stronger prescription. Upon putting those in, the verdict was, not that i can't see trees, but that the contact gods hate me...i could see nothing and feel every cm of the stupid little piece of plastic.

Perplexed momentarily, Dr. Hsu got the "there's a light bulb going off over my head" look and walked back to his secret stash room. When he came back this time, he told me he thinks the problem is the material the contacts are made out of and their hydration levels are somehow incompatible with my eye balls. Huh. What does that even mean?  At any rate, out came test drive two and in went test drive three.

Lemme tell you, it was like the heavens opened, the angels sang in their lovely tones and the light shone from on high. Not only could i not feel the contacts (which before i had been excrutiatingly aware of) but i could see and actually put them in on attempt number 1.  Tah Dah, specialty contacts made of some strange abnormal substance, i heart you. 

Now, back through the readjustment phase, where i work on learning to see the close things clearly again...(focus point changes) but already leaps and bounds better. whoo hoo Dr Hsu.

Monday, March 15, 2010

test driving a new set of eyes

to be honest, it's not going so well.

I'm attempting to escpae from my glasses. i want variation, options, to be able to go out without hiding behind pieces of glass. Don't get me wrong--my glasses are dope. i get complimented at least once a week....they have pretty designs on the sides and make me look smarter.

Now, however, i have flexy plastsic things--contacts--stuck in my eyes. i wish someone had told me these come with a period of basically a week where you can't see anything very well. I'm on day 3 of a week. i spend much time squinting and blinking and am open to suggestion of how to get used to these little monsters faster. theoretically, there is something about having to adjust to a new focus point closer than i am used to because of the glasses.

vamos a ver!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

spring break, what?

So, it finally occurred to me on Monday that next week is Spring Break at Law School. This SHOULD mean that i go somewhere tropical and warm, lie in the sun, sip virgin pina coladas and attempt to get Vitamin D the natural way. I SHOULD be exploring ruins in some far flung land, whirring around an island on a moped, or riding in a tuk-tuk. I SHOULD be sleeping and napping my days away leisurely. Last spring break, we went to Vegas for a couple days...where i did in fact lie in the sun. Here's a last year pic: I know you can't tell, but its at the Bellagio...watching the really dope water show.

Reality always being a creature by far different from my imagination (as Adam is quite likely to tell you), this will not be the case this year. However! After quite the drought of snow--since we thought we were having spring and all the cherry blossoms bloomed--the cold set back in this week and it is once again dumping snow at my favorite ski resort nearby: Since i have no reason to study on Sunday maybe there's a weekend run up the mountain in the making. It would be my first trip up this winter (in part due to too much going on and in part due to the robo-thumb). And we did just get Adam's grad present from me--a new Burton deck--that needs a break-in.

My spring break will be spent at work--and working on outlines for my classes. Since i'm full time this semester in addition to the full time jobbie job, i feel like i really need to get a running start and not leave all this outlining and comprehension stuff to the last minute. This summer I am taking an online for the first time since 2007, i will not have to go to school physically over the summer. IT'S AMAZING.

Adam got a couple of interviews in Alaska for April. We are hoping a few more will contact him in the meantime...which makes this moving thing all the more real. Anchorage, for better or worse, it seems you are my future home. Please say some would be amazing if we could get this to all work out--jobs, bar, etc. If you happen to be in Anchorage and know of some hiring law firms or contacts, send um along.

In fasting news, I apparently don't have to answer any questions in Family Dissolution while i am fasting. I am exempted...which is great, but now i know i don't have to read either ;)  I also need to find a's possible  i've gotten close enough to the bad number that i need to check. You'd think, since i hang out in a hospital 8 hrs a day that i could manage that, but so far, no luck. If anyone knows where one is hiding let me know.

from my basement office....i bid you farewell.

Monday, March 8, 2010

fasting ADD

I'm not sure if it's a benefit or a detriment, but my Sunday all day studying is now severely inhibited by the Fast. Granted, lots of prayer breaks are good, but i can't sit still long enough to get through all my reading without falling asleep.

This means that yesterday I was a domestic goddess. First a preliminary note, i am NOT domestic. I am NOT good at cleaning, cooking, or getting my room in shape. As a child, my parents told me that if I wanted them to come tuck me in at night, then i had better make a path through the toys/clothes/books strewn about. Path it was. So, by "domestic goddess" i mean the following:

1. I vaccuumed both my room and the living room.
2. I did 6 loads of laundry (including comforter and sheets)
3. I cleaned my bathroom.
4. I took out the garbage and recycling.
5. I made a pot roast.
6. I made banana bread using this recipe.

Nana Bread:
3-4 smooshed ripe nanas
3/4 cup of sugar
1/3 cup butter melted
1 egg
1 tbs vanilla
1tbs baking soda
pinch of salt
1.5 cups of flour

smoosh nanas and butter, add sugar/egg/vanilla, add baking soda and salt, add flour. Pour into loaf pan and bake for 45 minutes at 350. The recipie i was working from said an hour and i took it out at 52 minutes and it was a little overdone on the bottom....still edible, but i would recommend between 45-50 minutes.
Definitely best served warm with butter. MMMM.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

lessons i seem to forget yearly

So, while everyone else is busy posting that they feel great fasting--I'm going to admit the dirty truth, my soul feels great, my body is starting to adjust to lack of stimulants. Day one wasn't bad--aside from relearning the things below. Luckily, all of you have showered me with encouragement and enthusiasm--which helped the day move along :) I think i talked to God yesterday more than i had in quite a while, which when you get right down to it is the point of score one for the home team.

Today is a bigger test for me because of the 5 hr block of class tonight. Here we go!! In the meantime, however, i thought i would share a few lessons i seem to be incapable of remembering any time in the last 15 years i've been doing this:

1. do not eat everything in sight the minute the sun goes down. it WILL result in a tummy ache.

2. do not eat everything in sight at second dinner 3 hrs later. it WILL result in a tummy ache. yes, this does make me essentially a hobbit--but i'm not into filling up my stomach in the morning so that by noon it growls and churns.

3. do not try to chug cold water on an empty stomach. it WILL result in a tummy ache.

4. between the hours of 1 and 6 i will be useless and am prone to amble around the office with no clear sense of direction.

5. i'm always really cold. like, i basically sit ontop of my desk heater wearing my turtleneck and fleece.

6. no matter how much i amble around talking about no food--i will still be on the office distribution list announcing the tasty treats in the kitchen. damn them. damn you all (Jay).

Monday, March 1, 2010

Farewell my lunch...

and more importantly, farewell my caffine IV.

Tomorrow starts the Baha'i Fasting Month. 19 days where i will try to focus on something other than my incessant need for sugar and coffee. 19 days, where i will try to rise above. The rules are simple: focus on something other than physical needs, don't eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset, try to maintain a prayerful state. I've found most religions have a form of fasting. Ours looks most like Ramadan in its practice. It's a month i love--it always brings clarity, focus, and determination. I get to pour my stubborn will into something worthwhile. I think of it like exercise--feel the burn, know you are doing the work. Refocus, meditate, find time for my soul.

The truth is i've struggled pretty hard with this over the years. I have always wanted to make it through the whole month fasting--i've only managed it twice. There are a list of exceptions to fasting--including doctor's orders--which is where i get in trouble. According to my doctors, i'm banned from fasting. I have a hard time sustaining my body weight (as my eating of immense amounts of junk doesn't actually help me add weight it just holds me steady at a whopping 102). Usually after a week to 10 days i lose those 2 safety pounds, plumt into double digits and have to go back to eating something for lunch so that my pants don't fall off me.

My professors (one of whom will have to deal with my brainless and two of whom will have to deal with me coming in and out of class to pray) have been duly notified--and are sympathetic--one is in Lent right now, one lived in Egypt, and the other is my Law and Religion professor--who seems to be hoping to hold it together for the most part in there, as i am the voice of many things unmainstream :)

And so it begins.