Friday, August 23, 2013

H to the awaii case you didn't know...i love that this woman met me in Maui and that she rolled up in this PIMP mobile:

and you better believe those men RAN to help her get out of the car and lei-her.

It's been months in the making, this little adventure of ours, the one where we run away, leave loved ones at home and pretend that the world has rolled back to 2005 and we are on the beach in Eilat sipping limonanas.  Except now, make that virgin pina-coladas and we are almost a decade older, she's a decade more buff, and i am a decade more sleep deprived.

there was a shark attack the day we arrived about a half mile down the beach.  it's been all over cnn, so you probably saw that the young lady didn't make it.  it gave us a little perspective about how lucky we've been--literally through wars with rockets, moves back to the US, and marriages.  it also made us a little more skeptical of getting in the water to see the sea turtle who makes his home off our beach by that reef just off the end of my feet.

we explored the island, hiking with Hike Maui to a 480 foot waterfall near Hana you see in the top picture.  i should clarify, she RAN the 4 mile hike about three times while i meandered, shaking trees to get guava and foraging for passion fruit and ginger flowers to suck like the honeysuckle of my childhood summers.

we at delicious food, basked in the warm sun, laughed and laughed, and all too soon it was over and seemed, at least for me, like a five day dream.