Monday, February 22, 2010

more fun lawschool quotes

My dad pointed out i haven't shared any quotes recently:
So, from my favorite class: law and religion in response to the comment "the judge is just wack" my professor said: "ok, so to which analytical prong of Reynolds does judicial wackness go?"

in fam dissolution:
"who wants to discuss this case?" (i'm busy playing peggle and look up as he walks towards my row with the panicked oh-god-im-going-to-lose-my-high-score-look), "don't worry martha, you're exempt today, you don't have to close the window"

when discussing reputation and the concept of goodwill (following a game of hangman to figure out the word patronize): "in developing countries, you go to McDonalds because you know what you are going to get...ususally for me its gas, but that's beside the point"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

quick update

There are three things you should know about today.
1. i have developed an unnatural obsession with olives. i never ate them before about three months ago and now i can't stop. i eat entire bottles in one sitting.

2. i was sick on monday/tuesday--barely 48 hrs, and just long enough for everyone to know why it's a good thing you can count the number of times i've been ill in the last 10 years on one hand. I am not good at sick.

3. i am insanely jealous of Adam--who took off with the boys today to go to the Olympics in Vancouver. "PFFFFT," she says as she kicks the carpet of her office.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Living on Skid Road

So, the term "Skid Row", which is a generally slummy and bad place for all you my-english-is weak-what-are-you-talking-about folks, derives from the term Skid Road. A place aptly named for the fact that logs skidded down it back in the day when you could slide logs down roads in downtown parts of cities.

The first of these happened to be in Seattle and was the road i live on (now better known for its endless sirens and crime issues). I'm sure some of you will find that fitting.  Anyways, on Skid Road, the logs slid down the hill with chains until they reached the port (less than a mile from the apt) to be chopped up at the Yesler saw mill.

You can find some historical pics that i didn't feel like pilfering and more info here:

So here are two pictures--sorry, i don't really take pictures of the street much so they are from the snow last year.... as you can see below...things now just cars instead of logs still skid down the road from time to time.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

this is why knuckle cracking is bad.

I'm compulsive. and now, because i am compulsive i get to wear socks on my hand and repeat over and over that i am an idiot. 

Last November, I cracked the knuckles in my thumb. It made a strange noise and hurt. Being unable to help (stop) myself, i continued periodically to check if it still hurt (read, i pushed on said thumb over and over every five minutes with increasingly painful results). Realizing that this was not going as i had planned, i discovered a new way to crack the knuckle (twisting rather than pushing, since that hurt less) and moved on with life.

Unsurprisingly, December came and it still hurt. I would catch it at funny angles trying to put clothes on, shampoo, or make a fist--not that i was hitting anything, it just seemed like a smart thing to try to do. Part of the problem could be that i sleep on my stomach with my hands folded under the thumb was continuing to aggravate. On our trip overseas, it was especially painful and i decided that perhaps i wasn' t going to be able to muster the sheer inner will power to leave it alone.

Honestly, i thought i had fractured it. My crazy doctor told me he thought it was a tendon thing and sent me off to the Seattle Hand Surgery center.... yeah, i didn't like the word surgery in there either. After a ten minute consult, on my 30th birthday, I met Sunny--goddess of plastic and contortion--who created this marvelous piece of hand sculpted goodness for me. It's been two weeks and today i go back to start physio therapy.  The thumb is still painful when i take the blue brace of immobility i'm a little worried. Fingers crossed and voodoo mustered that maybe now we are on the road to recovery and motion. READ: Dear God, i want to be able to touch my thumb to my pinky again. Thank you. 

In the meantime, i get to be every parent's poster child for why we don't crack knuckles. UGH.

Monday, February 1, 2010

more law school quotes

From Divorce class tonight:

" i mean no reflection on papal people, but....don't worry, i'm catholic, i'm gonna feel guilty about this later."

"so if you fall off an aircraft carrier, yeah its probably moot and you are going to die--or get sucked into the propeller, but if you don't die, then its going to take forever to turn that sucker around....the catholic church is kinda like that"

"so connivance means you have a floozy friend and you get your husband drunk at a bar with her and leave"

"the fault based systems are primarily in the sooooooooouth where there's a heavy bible-thumpin"

"in FL they said, why is the state of california like a bowl of grapenuts? just a bunch of fruits, nuts and flakes. i'm just telling you so you see the different fundmental underpinnings."