Thursday, November 19, 2009

anyone wanna give me anxiety meds?

Tonight is the final part of the culminating assignment for my pre-trial advocacy class. I have to go argue a motion at the King County Courthouse. Up until about an hour ago, i was all good with big deal--8 minutes in and out. Rumor is that i am a pretty good arguer--so this should be no biggie.

Then--out of no where--my stomach started churning when i was looking up directions. Dear God, this is supposed to be a mind over matter thing---so why are we playin it the other way around? A close friend used to take anxiety meds before her presentations at work. I always thought she was a little crazy---i get it now. this really has nothing to do with me, its just some bizzaro reaction to stress/nerves, which if i could control it, would make it so i would be the smoothest thing to ever attempt to convince you of anything.

Today though, it's a problem because usually in highly stressful situations (read: bombs and rockets blowing up) i get VERY calm...almost sleepy. So, this nervous, tummy-jumping, heart irregular thing makes me unhappy. T minus 2 hrs. i just want this over so the feeling will go away. YUCK.

How do YOU calm yourself back down---suggestions appreciated.


  1. maybe it's a sign that u are joining the rest of us mortals! hope it went well...i get those feelings before talking in groups now, even though i have been doing it for years

  2. mmm. i tried my dex a few times, but they're no good for negotiations/advocacy exercises where i need to think quick and be charming. they're great for exams and writing papers and stuff where i can just zone out and work. for 'live' stuff though, i pick the right tie. pick the right tie, everything works out. wrong tie = hell on earth.

    superstition seems to have won the day with me counsel.

    boos et love.