Tuesday, February 8, 2011

delayed post re: Planetarium

each year, adam's firm has an annual shareholder meeting. the meeting moves around their various offices from year to year and this year it was here in anchorage. i'm sure everyone was just thanking their lucky stars they got to come here in the dead of winter. anyways, the firm organizes various events to keep people entertained. since adam was the anchorage newby--he had to organize the associate event (drinks dinner and games night at the Captain Cook). The partners organized the next night's event and spouses were included. It was pretty awesome. We went to the University of Alaska Anchorage planetarium.

I stole their picture. click the link. anyway, its a pretty state of the art thing. I hadn't been to a planetarium since i was a kid and we went to UNC-CH's. it had one of those light globey things in the middle that shot stars up and moved them around. UAA's was an entirely different experience. we started off flying around alaska and then out into space. it goes essentially 3-D. we checked out a skull flew around inside it and then checked out a mouse and flew around inside it too. The program was on blackholes--although we spent a lot of time at the end talking about pluto and eris the 'not' planets and their 72 friends out there on the edge.
Also, i had no idea that there was a break in Saturn's rings. sure didn't show that on star trek's fly through our solar system sequence. all in all, it reminded me that while i like to think of myself as a big important person in the scope of life, i'm really this infinitisimally (making up words) tiny little thing in the grandiosity of space and time. now if only there was a way to reconcile the two.

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