Tuesday, May 17, 2011

nothing in particular

it has been cloudy for a few days, putting a damper on my mood. to quote Golriz, she's only happy in the sun. i think the dog agrees too, although hers might be, she's only happy when the lawnmower isn't going. i guess i should have anticipated that the reaction to the riding lawnmower would be proportionately larger than the reaction to the vaccuum, whoops. not to be outdone by the dog, i have found that the viciousness towards things that make noise can be overcome with the proper use of CHEESE. yes, cheese. the magic soundproofer/world righter. seems Adam and the dog have someting in common. plus, i vaccuumed the floor, so poor lawnmower-tized neah had to shift napping spots every 35 seconds in search of somewhere that smells like her bone pile.

yesterday, i whittled away the afternoon by chatting with this guy on skype: (funny enough, three years later we look almost exactly the same as this picture, how'd that happen?

let me tell you a little about how this occurred. i sent him an email that said, "I hate you." Mostly, i was grumpy because of the sheer brilliance of said person (not me) and his first class honors law degree. Secondarily, i was pissed because he was eating yummy food in Vietnam. Truth be told, i am smart enough to know how to get a reaction. hah. He wasn't satisfied with Gchat so to Skype we went. i was worried. Sometimes the internets get jumpy when i am trying to watch Vampire Diaries on Hulu. Would Skype have the same jumpy, lethargic, ire inducing fate??

No dear friends, it didn't. so, let it be known the world over that i am going to hang out on Skype more since my stupid phone has little to no reception inside this apartment. Then i get to see you and not hang up on you. yay. double bonus. let's all put one hand up in a high-five of solidarity for Skype. word.