Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The last week: A LIST

  • Adam adventured in Seattle, in the sun, on a boat. Here in Anchorage, it rained and rained and rained.
  • I went to Feast and everyone died of shock that i had appeared. sad.
  • after the shock was over I saw Kathy Meija---who i knew from Israel back in the day and her ADORABLE kiddos--was there. awesome. 
  • I woke up one morning and hated my bathroom. Thus, i spent the rest of the day changing its color.Devin kept us up till 4 am. Just kidding, we wouldn't let him leave because i was so thankful to have a friend to hang out with.Lesson learned however. 3 hrs of sleep only worked in my 20s. 
  • We watched Devin's grandma pack away more food at the Golden Corral than i thought was humanly possible---she ate at Adam's pace but doubled his intake.
We are really looking forward to next month's travel, weddings, and family time!!

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