Friday, August 14, 2015

the one about the girl, and the wedding, and the dress, and the love.

photo creds: Nigel Fubara
i went to NOLA to my girl's wedding.
it was better than your wedding.
it was better than my wedding.
it was better than everyone's wedding put together.
the end.

i admit i've gotten a little cagey about spilling my life out here in the open. it's because i'm savoring each moment too much and i don't want to give any of it away. i don't want to share. so the following isn't a share, it s a public service announcement that no one should bother getting married ever again because my girl just crushed your wedding.

here's why:

1. Take 25 years worth of devoted friendships,
2. Add two huge, loving, laughing families
3. Stir in horse drawn carriages, fireworks, jazz bands, dancing, and delicious food
...annnnd, you still only managed to cover Friday.

i believe the mark of a person's character is who they draw to them, who becomes loyal to them, and the amount of love and devotion with which they cultivate those relationships. when you find those magnetic, truly loyal people, you can't help but fall in love with them as individuals and as a couple when they finally get around to getting married.

the wedding was so spectacularly beautiful because each of them possesses such a radiant soul that they draw the most wonderful people around them--people who embraced each other from the get go like lifelong friends even if it had been 3.5 minutes. people who laugh loud and celebrate each moment.

such joy. seriously such joy surrounded these two.

and then you add NOLA into the mix, with its heady feel of jazz, history, mystique and strength, warmth, humidity, and architecture. its cemeteries call to you, its balconies beckon and its beat carries you until you are sure that the city has claimed your very being and won't give it up.

anyways, her wedding killed all other weddings. everyone else's weddings were already crying their final tears in a corner gasping for air when she put on that red Vera Wang and buried them all with no remorse.

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