Monday, December 13, 2010

family togetherness

my fam has been here for a week. we went adventuring on the hood canal. we've eaten yummy home cooked meals. we've watched LOTS of TV. we've done a lot of wedding prep. also, we went to the grocery store. oh the grocery store. i forgot how overwhelming it is to come from a place with 2 choices to a place where there are 25 kinds of chips. as we were leaving, the nice sample lady offered us some of their new snazzy cupcakes. intrigued as to what the reaction of my dad would be i called him over. He obligingly took the maple bacon cupcake. when the nice sample lady asked what i thought, he informed her they were not good and that he:
" is a conservative, you know, a Neo-Con. We don't like change.  For example, cupcakes don't belong at breakfast and bacon doesn't belong on cupcakes."
my mom rejected the lavender one it might just be that QFC has gross cupcakes. she's convinced that's the only reason they were giving away samples.

oh me oh my.

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