Sunday, December 5, 2010

ready, set, go

i've never been one to do just one thing at a time---so this past week, the following happened:
  1. two presentations went well...i think :)
  2. my client signed her final documents--yay.
  3. my sister anna arrived and hung through three going away parties.
  4. my work peoples treated me like gold...which i don't deserve. I am endlessly grateful for their love, support, enthusiasm for my choices, and great humor.
  5. suzanne and terry threw the best Hawaiian send off to Alaska ever. i couldn't have asked for anything more and when i get the pictures of me in the ridiculous glasses john and nancy jo got me, i will post them immediately.
  6. i'm pretty sure i'm going to have a panic attack on wed when i figure out there's no more school, no more work and just a week and a half till i embark on what is no doubt going to be the toughest and most rewarding challenge of my life.

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