Sunday, March 6, 2011


We missed the start of the Iditarod yesterday (the ceremonial one) in Anchorage because i was taking the last of my licensure qualification exams--a professional responsibility one. So, today, we got in the car (sans Neah the motion sick) and took off for Willow, Alaska--12 miles out of Wasilla. This is the view from the car:

The start is held on Willow Lake, which is completely frozen over. There were 62 mushers and their dog teams competing this year, including Canadians, a Scot, and a Jamaican.

Each team had a set start time two minutes apart. In between, the announcers shared lots of personal information about each person.

Bonus is free hot cocoa--as long as you aren't fasting ;)

The dogs just want to run sooo badly (love the hot pink booties!!):

This series is one guy:

And proof of life:


  1. I love how Alaskan you are - with all the lingo and everything :D

    [and thank goodness for blogging so that I get to follow along on these adventures]

  2. oh how i love this photo of you two, mar!! oxo