Monday, May 21, 2012

Things i learned while moving...a list.

  1. if a zombie apocalypse does in fact come, as adam claims it will, i have enough black beans to feed us for weeks.
  2. the heavier the box the more likely Neah will need to escort it to its final destination.
  3. break out the power tools to assemble the back of target book cases
  4. i continue to have no idea why one bedside light being on causes the other to flicker. don't suggest anything. we are going with "party lights" rather than effed up electrical to keep my sanity.
  5. NEVER again will Adam and I move ourselves. I don't know how i didn't blog about this before, but basically...we are both such control freaks that every attempt to place our belongings in a vehicle results in near end of engagement/marriage. 
  6. it is truly possible to have your possessions magically expand to three times their previous space filling capacity LITERALLY overnight. 
  7. Even in a new place, a dog will be herself

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