Thursday, December 10, 2009

quirky is why i love you.

i should have gotten a picture...but this one, which i have used before will suffice, but it kinda portrays the behavior...just keep this guy in your head while you read the story...

he was manically cradling my admin law e&e (a study guide) and running his fingers over the pages to make the prrrrft sound that pages make when you flip them really fast. OVER and OVER and OVER again. When i attempted to take the book away (that sound is ALL KINDS of annoying) he looked like i had tried to kill his kitten and steal his favorite blanket all in one.

"Nooo, its sooo sofffffft" he kinda hissed at me. If you aren't picturing Gollum from Lord of the Rings please look at the picture again--because A and Gollum got all mixed up into one person with a mountain of studying to do being impeded by the complusive page petting. "Give me the book, NOW!" i demand. At which point he uses his whole body as a sheild to protect the stupid book while never stopping the page petting. i finally wrestled it away only to find him having grabbed the study guide i was working with to start petting it instead. It must have gone on like this for like half an hour. 

Every once in a while, A asks why i love him....well, babe, this is the answer, because you are quirky as all bloody get out...and i spend so much of my time with you laughing and happy.