Friday, May 28, 2010

wedding related...

every body has a dream about what their wedding will be like. for some, its glitz and glam with large halls dripping with flowers, three course meals, men in tuxes and women in ball gowns. for others, its a justice of the peace, a close friend, and a SURPRISE! announcement. for me it was always a tropical beach, the wind blowing a fun colored cotton sundress and the waves rolling in. it was definitely barefooted, warm, and tiny. in lieu of registry, i would ask only for cash, to buy a shack on a beach somewhere tropical.
that dream is not to be.

As it turns out, it will be a december wedding, mostly likely in the rain. i will undoubtedly have to wear a shawl (or a blanket) over my pretty white dress (yes its white) to stay warm. The wedding will be indoors, with hor deurves (however you spell that). And, we are registered at crate and barrel and REI. maybe someone will buy us the tent from REI and i can pretend it's a beach shack. essentially, my whole fantasy got smooshed because of this graduation/alaska/everyone lives so far away thing. i suppose its become less about me and more about throwing a nice party for the people we adore.

more importantly than my woe-is-me rant above is that i'm also planning on making most of the flowers origami style. So if you have patterns, etc, please comment with a link. I want to make cool arrangements and am open to suggestion.


  1. mar, no origami patterns from me, but i did dream of your wedding the other night and it was happy happy happy! however it ends up being, i am sure it will be beautiful and filled to the brim with love!

  2. Okay, two things:
    1) Your wedding is going to be fabulous no matter what. Because its you, and because its your Wedding!
    2) I found this a while back, and while they are not origami, they are paper, and they look awesome.

    I also made some paper flowers for a party in March and they were super easy and looked great- bright and colorful in spite of the drippy weather outside.

    Let me know if you need help making paper flowers! I dont know a thing about origami, but i do love me some crafts.