Friday, July 9, 2010

holy cow it's hot, batman!!

Ok, so that's all relative right---the east coast is doing its triple digit steam bath routine and we over here on the left coast are talking about how 90 is miserable. I do recognize the double standard.

There is a key difference though folks that i think needs to be mentioned. Up here in the upper left (not as upper left as AK, but you get the point) most of us don't have AirCon at home. The second floor of my building seems to have it, but not the third or the fourth---i'm on the fourth. My building manager says if i get too hot i should go camping on the second floor. So when i came home last night, i anticpated that it might be a little toasty up in there. I have lots of's a beautiful apt with great views...all of which get late afternoon direct sun. Great in the winter, spring and fall....BUT in the summer i can't seem to get a good breeze going. Hence....the ever so exciting 91.2 degrees inside the house.

Then, because the grid went onto overload, the power went out. It went out at precisely the moment my roommate's super nice family (visiting from sweltering Texas) stepped into the elevator and the doors shut. Seems the little man who lives in the call button inside there does actually work!! He let them out a few minutes later. Normally, i'm all for the epic adventure of lights out---but, aside from stuck-ed guests--i had a growing concern about the impact on the fridge. A 90 degree house doesn't bode well for non-melting of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Luckily, the ice cream gods were with me and when i got home from class a couple hours later, the power was back on. Nevertheless, it was still well into the 80s. I think this morning it was 79 when i left for work--which felt strangely cool.

Hello, Sun. I missed you. I heart you. Can you stay? I promise to get used to sleeping with the fan on if you will just stay.

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