Wednesday, July 14, 2010

things i would rather be doing

yup, it's gonna be a list.
  1. Hanging out with adam, nadia, anna, mona, quddus, johanna, pedro, mace, emma or dave.
  2. Reading my book "The Fate of Africa" by Martin Meredith surrounded by copious amounts of Dr. Pepper and Godiva chocolate.
  3. Hiking Torres del Paine
  4. Lying on a SE Asian Beach or South Pacific beach. Either Bora Bora or Ko Phangnan would be acceptable. In a hammock would be better.
  5. Riding ferries with my Bob and Lissa
  6. Swinging (like from a tree)
  7. Lying in the sun down south and then jumping in the lake (because i won't get hypothermia there).
  8. Eating sushi with adam.
  9. Laughing really hard.
  10. Receiving a shopping spree to IKEA with free shipping to Alaska, or better yet to a potter so i can get new dishes...since groomzilla says that i am only allowed to own a certain number of mugs. Little does he know, the spawn on their own in the cabinet.


  1. *sigh* hanging with you would be freaking awesome! love you.

  2. when you go to las torres del paine let me know and I will find a place for you to stay on every stop that you make while traveling from Santiago down south :)