Sunday, April 17, 2011

the one where we become alaskan

tlc, discovery, all the hippie adventure channels...they've all told you: Alaskan fly little planes--EVERYWHERE. this weekend, a friend offered Adam and i the opportunity to tag along with him in his plane while he ran an errand to the Kenai Peninsula. lately, adam's been on a kick about wanting an F-18 and accompanying aircraft carrier, so i was hoping that by agreeing to go a side effect would be adam would want a cessna instead of the more expensive faster version.

We met Al on a beautiful afternoon yesterday, got a how the plane works briefing, and loaded up the picnic dinner. The picture is us above Anchorage. We flew out toward the south and headed for the heart of the Kenai Peninsula. Al's family has a cabin on Kenai Lake, which is where we headed.
I have this image in my head of family cabins which was excatly where we went. Rustic, built in the 40s, added on to over successive generations, filled with old family photos and smelling of love. Oh, and a whole fleet of old vehicles doesn't hurt either!  We flew into the peninsula over Resurrection Pass, a trail Adam hiked several years ago. Adam flew us across the water and up the pass, taking a few turns to make me nervous :) it is hard to begin to even describe the wild beauty that was around us. the flight was spectacular, Al was an amazing host and tour guide, and i can't imagine anything cooler to spend the day doing. This is why Alaskan's fly, because it feels like soaring through heaven in God's country.
Kenai Lake

Resurrection Pass

Picnic on Kenai Lake in front of the cabin.

Harding Ice Field: the largest in North America

As you can imagine, the photos don't do any of this justice. Flying over the ice field was incredible--like being on the top of the world. i am so grateful for the kindness of new friends, the beauty of nature here, and sunny days.

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