Friday, July 22, 2011

the universe rights itself

i used to lie on an ancient yellow couch. it would suck you in, holding your soul between its pillows. it comforted away fear, exhaustion and anxiety. the sofa had been around too much goood juju to absorb the issues of any one person who laid on it. instead it just radiated goodness through you, until you had no choice but to succomb. the couch spent part of its later years in the room of one of the people i love most in this world, in an assuming building, close to the bottom of an incredible monument in the middle east. from the couch you could hear the utz-utz of passing techno music, voices yelling chattering in arabic, and the cackling of said loved human as episode after episode of southpark played on the tv.

today, that human was accepted to a prestigious internship with the Hague on the Yugoslavia tribunal. i am endlessly proud of the man he has become, in no small part because of the original owner of the yellow couch.

hell MF-yeah, babe. Well done, indeed.