Thursday, April 5, 2012

obedience training round 2

I promised some folks a description of our dog classes. It is interesting----last night, the number of folks in the class had decreased---at least, it seemed like that but i think there were only two dogs not there. The first was an Afghan Hound, who's owner too had a long face, tall stature, and quiet demeanor. The second missing dog was an over excited sled dog who was clearly in control of owners who had no idea what to do with it, engaged in pulling competitions around the room, and got dragged around like it was no one's business. The sled dog, in its thrashing, bumped into Neah---who looked horrified at its rude behavior and hid between Adam's legs to prove she knew it was mentally unstable.

The other freak show dog is a jack Russell terrier mix owned by a tall skinny chick in her 20s who lets it get away with murder. It is getting better, but she doesn't exude confidence. I take that back, there is also a springer spaniel with world's largest head that looks crossed with a Bernese but isn't that takes its yuppie mama owner to humiliation each class. this week her significant other/housemate/whatever came to get the dog in the door since last week it dragged her in and pulled her off her chair about 800 times.

There are two boxers...a black male and a brown female. The female is very cute. The male less so.

Neah's closest doggie friend is named Callie and is a husky mix about her age with similar coloring.
The teacher is a late 70s woman with red hair in a 4 inch long buzz cut, who owns a dachshund named speedy. watching this dog sit is funniness, mostly because there's only 1 inch between the ground and its stomach. her praise is always the same "look how smart you are speedy, good for you!!"

Neah's doin dog in the class by far :) She's calming down much faster and minding very well even with the distractions. And we learned that pinch collars are magical things.
Bring on week 3.

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