Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Census.

I was trying to be a good little American. Read: Adam kept pestering me to fill out the damn form. So, i filled out the 2010 Census, put in it all the required information and send that sucker in. I'm giving you the abbreviated version....where most of the real idioticness is left out. Today, the Census called. Ok, i thought to myself--this is weird.
C: Have i reached the Tansik/Barnhart residence?
Me: Sure you got my cell phone at work.
C: this is the census...who am i speaking with.
Me: the only female on that census form.
C: your name?
Me: (this is going to suck) Martha
C: (really long list of code references giving them authorization to conduct a census and call me.)
Me: (interrupting really long list of code) do you call everyone?
C: continuing with really long list
Me: Excuse me, do you call everyone? and why are you calling me?
C: i don't know. I just need to ask you these questions. Does anyone live in the house other than the two people listed?
Me: no, that's why there's no one else listed
C: any babies?
Me: No, i just told you there was no one else.
C: how about foster kids
Me: (starting to get angry) No, i just told you there was no one else.
C: How about short stay visits?
Me: What part of No, there's no one else are you having trouble with?
C: How about people who didn't have anywhere else to go?
Me: Seriously? I just told you it was only the two of us!!!
C: I know i'm just required by law to ask all these questions
Me: I really doubt that, give me the code citation again.
C; (gives code cite--incorrectly) ok, but if i don't finish they will keep calling you until you do finish.
Me: you are wasting my time at work...hurry.
C: has anyone lived somewhere else in the last two months
Me: nope.
C: how about school?
Me: i just told you no.
C: how about worked away and lived elsewhere.
Me: (now very irritated) No. i already told you this.
C: Has anyone stayed away from the house in an institution?
Me: NO.
C: How about jail.
Me: Seriously, what part of this are you not getting. i already told you no.We have only lived here. no where else. no one else. what do you want!
C: Temporary treatment facility?
Me: NO!!
C: how about a mental institution?
Me: get me your supervisor.

Now, here's where it gets good. He tried to tell me he was required by law to ask each of these which point i said, i don't think the code authorizes that. FASTEST RETRACTION EVER: i meant, its part of our job, not its the law. Good, i started yelling, because this is *(#)$&) i filled out your form, you are now asking me every single question i answered properly the first time again, you won't tell me what the problem with the form is and you are not taking my answers and applying them. so i will not be finishing this. CLICK.

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