Monday, April 12, 2010

law school quotes

remember i told you about "martha's jackass doctine"??  here's today's conversation:

prof "my ex-wife is awesome and what am i, martha?"

mar: "you are jackass."

prof: "yup, and even if i'm a recovering jackass, after attending martha's jackass anonymous program, i still don't get to modify the parenting plan in a major way."
five minutes later:
Prof: so she's a great parent and i'm...martha?

mar: still a jackass?

prof: but a fit parent right?

mar: sure

prof: what's your exam number again?

mar: haha....but my doctrine gets me bonus points!!

prof: i'll take that into account. so jackass i may be, i'm still fit and its my constitutional right to make decisions for my child.

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