Saturday, June 12, 2010

blisters and stupidity

We have Alaskan hiking plans for 4th of July weekend. This, in conjunction with my getting winded going up more than ten stairs, convinced me that i needed to try to get some more exercise. Thus, i decided to hike. So today, in honor of the sun, i went up to Tiger Mountian. Lail and i were up there last weekend to do a bunch of kiddie trails (i.e. ones that were flat). I decided to do the ever popular West Tiger 3 trail.

It's 6 miles roundtrip to an elevation of 2522 feet.

Mile 1: my lungs screamed. i could hear them. also, i remembered i forgot my water in the car and tried drinking spring water. it tasted good.

Mile 2: lungs whimpering. make a new redneck friend primarily because i saw the water in his back pocket was unopened. he ruined the silence and woodpecker noises by burping loudly.

Mile 2.5: my legs started protesting. they attempted to negotiate a turn around. luckily said redneck was really encouraging and so i kept walking because between Beyonce on my iPod and the nonstop monologue of dude i forgot to stop.

Mile 3: hello Summit. the Puget Sound is pretty. Time to turn around.  i trade the cereal bar in my pocket for the first swig of the freshly opened bottle of water.

Mile 4: Moseying on down. my hands were sufficiently swollen to make the edges of my engagement ring look flat....~1.5 cms on either side. ok, i get it fatty fingers...shouldn't have left the water bottle in the car.

Mile 5: i decide that my lungs feel too i start jogging down the hill. . 2 miles later, my lungs are still fine, but my abs say screw you and my right big toe announces that its getting a blister. i said, that's nice toe, too bad we are a mile from the car. "Airplanes" on repeat drowned them all out.

Mile 6: way too pleased with myself and way can't actually walk anymore.

I have HUGE blisters, a sunburn, an oversized ego, and a really good day in the bag.

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