Monday, June 28, 2010

for the record: i am not depressed

Apparently entitling a post "still sad" as a reference to one's friend not being able to come to one's wedding has sent cyber space into a frenzy of believing that i am on the verge of sad and depressedness, causes not limited to Adam's being away, seasonal affective disorder, and general law school blah.

I AM FINE people! i eat, i take vitamins, i do homework. i am a creature who loves the sun. thus, when temps are not over 75 constantly, i get grumpy. This is related to being a Southerner and then living in Middle Eastern deserts for nearly 4 years. I'm like a lizard...i like to glean energy from the big burning mass of goodness in the sky. Alaskan life will involve frequent weekend jaunts to Hawaii (cheaper in fact than coming back to Seattle).

This weekend, however, involved doing some grocery shopping (yay), reading lots of Power of One, and watching much too much West Wing (Mona my love you are missed). The last time i watched whole seasons in one day was with Mona---we were camping in the living room for days on end. God bless whole seasons of things when you have cable with either limited english stations that play only Buffy the Vamp Slayer re-runs or (as in the present case) just seem to have no useful programming in 100 channels. I heart me some West Wing.

If you remain concerned, I do however like shiny things and chocolate. feel free to send either.


  1. Shiny things like aluminum foil?

  2. mmmmmmm shiny chocolatey things i say!

    love you mama - can't wait to HUG you!!!