Thursday, June 3, 2010

i was a hunter

All i asked for in Alaska was a Moose. ok, not really, but it was pretty important. I reeeeeeeally wanted to see a moose, because for some reason this means that the whole cold and no sun thing is acceptable. There are moose, you see, just ambling about--how could the world be wrong? Well, for starters, the mooses didn't want to see me.

Here's how you go on a moose hunt.
  1. Check your parking lot.  Moose? FAIL. go to step 2
  2. Go to U of AK Anchorage student housing which normally boasts a herd. Moose? FAIL. go to step 3
  3. Go to infamous "Moose Pond" in Eagle River. It will be a half hour drive. You will want candy or a snack.  It's supposed to look like this picture i stole from some pediatrician in Wasilla's website:

Moose in the spot where there are almost always moose and occasionally a bear? Epic FAIL. go home.  To add salt to your wounds, then have fiance call a mere 6 hrs later to tell you he saw a moose on his drive home just hanging out in somone's yard eating flowers. Rumor has it Mooses have a Tulip-Tooth--as in really like to eat Tulips.

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  1. Clearly, you should have contacted me :)