Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i get lost sometimes

Sometimes i turn around and realize i don't know quite how i got there. Life moved around me and then, poof i woke up again. Adam's been gone for 3 months, 4 more to go. i could have sworn i just finished finals the other day, but school is set to pick up again on Monday. All i want is another week to see my friends--the people i never get to see but absolutely adore, the people who i love to eat dinner with, laugh about old storeis with and make new adventures with. i wonder sometimes about, if my life were a movie, whether i would want to watch it or after the first five minutes i would turn it off and say "that chick is sqauandering her time". Maximizing each day seems like a righteous and lofty goal and a bit of a setup to be irritable when its just another day that goes by.

how do you challenge yourselves to make everyday one you are excited about??

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