Tuesday, August 24, 2010


On Sunday, a dear friend Neda, who i literally had not seen since 1994 arrived for a 24 hr stretch at the end of a two month journey around the west coast and Mexico.  She looked just the same, only a little older for the college and job wear that comes with 10+ years of grinding it out. I, of course, looked similar but like a gigantically overgrown version of my 1994 4'9", 70lb self. Also, i got rid of the horrid spiral frizz perm that i was rocking. That was probably the best part.

At any rate, i had a weird time warp day. It felt like i could have seen Neda last week. It certainly didn't feel like a full 16 years (a small driving person for crying out loud) since we had sat down, laughed and debated the fate of our dreams to run off to third world countries. Neda's still chasing hers---mine got eaten by the mythical Alaskan moose.

I've never been good with distance or time. Perhaps my abstract nature doesn't conform to it. I am incapable of feeling "far" from someone or that it has been too "long". Admittedly, i don't like being apart from Adam, but it would be the same if we were apart here as apart by a 3.5 hr plane jaunt. The size of a continent or an ocean just doesn't register...except in terms of how many hours i have to sit almost motionless next to some stranger who doesn't understand why i perpetually want to get up.

ok, back from that detour. the point is that it was great to see both Neda and Dayyon who was in town from Beijing. Time flies when you get older and I am epically grateful for the small moments with people i grew up with.

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