Thursday, August 19, 2010

Learning to cook in my 30s

Alternate title: Quitting smoking means i have taste buds again.

Since quitting smoking 1 year and 8 months ago (yes, i count--as a former two pack a day-er it's one hell of an accomplishment) one of the biggest changes in my life has been the re-emergence of taste. When i was a kid i was super duper picky. In my adolescence, i started the cancer sticks and then everything tasted more or less the same with hints of flavor. In conjunction with going to boarding school and not having to make my own food often, it made my cooking pretty lame, flavorless, and painfully boring for other people to have to eat. The journey towards things not being bland has been slow, but i'm getting there. This week i was aided by Ashley and Alex, the fabulous New Yorkers who i met in Chelan. They gave me this:
This wonderful baggie of goodness is from their garden. The fresh blueberries didn't survive the drive home...devoured during I-90 traffic. Yesterday, i got into the rosemary and made some chicken with lemon pepper and rosemary which was really tasty--a BIG DEAL in mar cooking and the first time i had ever used fresh herbs in my frying pan forays. So, just in case they ever see this: THANK YOU ALEX AND ASHLEY!!! Not only did you fill my tummy with yummy, but this baggie o goodness has convinced me than an herb garden is in my future!

Also in my future boxes of fresh organicness from: Guess this taste thing also comes with freshness demands.

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