Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i was busy reading facebook, rueing the thunder-snow the east coast is getting. apparently it has taken over the 1-95 corridor from DC to Baltimore. anyways, i was muttering to myself about how i wanted snow, not just cold, when i finally looked up from the mound of evidence i'm perched upon to discover it is in fact snowing. farwell green eyed jealousy monster--alaska came through.

and so all was right again in the world. since it wasn't yesterday when it was raining here and snowing in nashville.

the snow here always amazes me. the flakes are from tiny to the size of half dollars drifting across the sky. snow always makes me calm--mutes the world and lets it breathe with deep breaths. it is indiscriminate--landing with the same self-righteousness on post, tree, snowbank, car and puppy alike.

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