Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i got an alaska driver's license.

It was a much more involved process than any of the other's i've been through. This is the fourth state i've acquired a license in and the only one that wanted my social security card. Bummer. haven't seen that sucker in a couple of decades. Enter unforseen trip to the social security administration. Aaaand, i almost failed the DMV test. There are like 8 questions about alcohol related things that i just honestly have no clue about...nor do i need to.

Couple of quick stories. First, today it is snowing for the first time in almost a month. I finally noticed the strangest thing, but a reassuring thing. The snow blows across the road the same way the sand used to blow across the roads on the Outer Banks in NC. It makes misty sorts of patterns--beautiful, but totally obliterates any kind of lane demarcation--of which there isn't much to start with up here. That all has nothing to do with how cute my dog is.
Random cute Neah picture
Second, i'm a genius. Our door--as previously mentioned like 8 times--gets iced on the inside. As of yesterday, we realized it was time to vaccuum and it was in outside storage. The entire thing was frozen shut. Nevertheless, the door HAD to come open. Adam wanted to use a hairdryer. I wanted to chisel that *&^% out. We started with Adam's way--epic fail--when we realized that the water it was creating would just refreeze, making the problem considerably worse. Here's the chisel adventure--I'm about half way done. Score one for Mar.

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