Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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**Insert your own hoarfrost joke here** 

Not to be mistaken with horcruxes, although, i am sure there's some relation to be made seeing as how hoarfrost forms out of the mist in the air--trapping it in a solid crystalline form and horcruxes trap the psuedo-misty (formless) soul into a solid form. Ok. clearly too much harry potter to make my brain stop running over tort elements.

It's really beautiful stuff...I wish i had gotten pictures of it earlier when i was out with wonderdog, but these late afternoon ones will have to suffice. Here's what Alaskans were saying about hoarfrost in the late 70s. http://www2.gi.alaska.edu/ScienceForum/ASF3/300.html. Surprisingly, not much different than today.

We have had a lot of fog lately...thick fog, like San Fran fog. Thing is it is also a whopping single digits overnight and in the teens most of the day...so the condensation sticks...forming intricate patterns and detailing ever branch and leaf rather than blanketing them like the snow does :)

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