Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Neighborhood Moose Watch

Last night Adam came in and said there was evidence of a moose outside. I went onto moose watch. I was like the crazy neighbor from neighborhood watch who peers eerily out the window, eyes freakishly scanning back and forth in seach of any movement. Alas. nothing. I was paranoid at 630....standing outside, looking for steaming nostrils amongst the trees. Moose do not like dogs. How close could i keep Neah so that if i had to grab her to save her from the hooves of terror, i could?? If anyone needed evidence the Bar exam makes for crazy people, we have case in point.

Then, this morning at 10am i found le moose. It was far enough away, the end of our driveway, that it didn't see me before i wrangled little miss i-eat-only-carpet back up the stairs. I went out with the camera but it had vanished. Then, it reappeared. Oh boy. evidence of a moose. a wild manical animal tat was no doubt going to eat me and the dog. Or ignore us both, but definitely the first because what kind of story would it be if there weren't death and demise.

Anyways. I thought it was gone. I resumed my freakish neighborhood-moose-watch. Finally my keen exray eyes located moose. She was lying just on the other side of these trees on the right in the pic above. Hmmm. Close enough to get a picture (20 feet or so), too wooded to get a great one. And some little random bird was hopping around chirping at her. Clearly, the bird hadn't seen the hooves.

Point is. Moosey is in the middle in all these shots.


  1. For some unexplainable reason, I really love that you are in Alaska! Love, love, love.

  2. Moose, yeah. Something in the right-hand picture looks like a large-mouth bass (out of water).