Friday, March 19, 2010

test driving continued...

So i was pretty miserable, unable to focus and convinced that the contact gods were against me. In that state of utter desparation, i went back to the eye doctor (who for the record i HIGHLY reccomind--Dr. Michael Hsu in Seattle). I explained the contact gods hate me, that i couldnt see, and that i was having trouble putting them in and taking them out. Dr. Hsu rechecked my prescription--turns out i've been somehow compensating for not strong enough glasses as i am more nearsighted than we thought. He then reappeared with a stronger prescription. Upon putting those in, the verdict was, not that i can't see trees, but that the contact gods hate me...i could see nothing and feel every cm of the stupid little piece of plastic.

Perplexed momentarily, Dr. Hsu got the "there's a light bulb going off over my head" look and walked back to his secret stash room. When he came back this time, he told me he thinks the problem is the material the contacts are made out of and their hydration levels are somehow incompatible with my eye balls. Huh. What does that even mean?  At any rate, out came test drive two and in went test drive three.

Lemme tell you, it was like the heavens opened, the angels sang in their lovely tones and the light shone from on high. Not only could i not feel the contacts (which before i had been excrutiatingly aware of) but i could see and actually put them in on attempt number 1.  Tah Dah, specialty contacts made of some strange abnormal substance, i heart you. 

Now, back through the readjustment phase, where i work on learning to see the close things clearly again...(focus point changes) but already leaps and bounds better. whoo hoo Dr Hsu.

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  1. Sounds like me the other year. I had to switch back to the acuvue brand because the other brands were horrible. I had to do tricks to get one of the brands out. That was horrible. I am glad that you were able to get some that work for you. FMJ