Friday, October 23, 2009

Adam's birfday


Today is Adam (my angelic boyfriend)'s birthday. So i thought i should do a birthday post where i say a lot of nice stuff. The most important is that A has put up with a lot of my &$*(...which most of you know there is a lot of to contend with. For example, he has accepted that dessert will always be eaten first, that i will never make a decision about a restaurant unless i want steak, and that i will stomp my feet and pout if i don't get my way.

Truthfully, he's my rock and i am very grateful for him, his constant spiritual influence, and his ability to rise above and take the high road. Here are a few pics that sum it up:

Adam and Matt (one of his best friends) on a hiking expedition in Hood River, OR

 With Quddus when we were stuck for two hours on 1-90 coming back from the John Legend concert and an RV burned to the ground on the side of the road and started a brush fire.

Us at Heidi's wedding recently

Adam backpacking in Alaska Summer 2008

I love this pic.

And finally...this creepy little guy, who bears a mysterious resemblence to Adam!