Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crock this.

I'm the proud owner of two crockpots. Yup, seriously. One hella oldschool one that was my parents and i think is from before i was born and another acquired from an old flatmate, Heidi. So along the lines of yesterday's giving things up to be healthier---i have a couple of goals (albeit a little ethereal at this point):

1. Learn to eat better. Given my lack of time--this is where the crockpot comes into play. I figure i can manage to throw something in there and just let it do its thing all day. this is a pretty cool website: I'm an especially big fan because she's honest about how things turn out.

2. Learn to make time for the gym---at least once a week--and develop a quick easy home routine.

I already take some pretty heavy duty multi-vitamins, Pro DHA oil, and the aforementioned on the old blog 3000-whatevers of Vitamin D a day to ward off pale, pasty, brittleness. I also have recently acquired a sleeping bag and sleeping pad so that camping and hiking are actually viable options. YIPEE.

If you have crockpot recipies you like, email me or post um up on here. I prefer non-fishy things. :)


  1. Hey Martha,

    Wandered in from Q's blog which I've been reading for a while now. Followed your link to the old journal and Alaska, Persian Poets, snowboarding and Haifa. Each of those items belong on my top 100 favourite things in the world list. So I might stop back in again sometime.

    I recognize that this has been rambly and without serious direction, but you mentioned on your old blog that you were curious who passed by, so......

    Best Regards,


  2. Hooray for easier posting. Now we can continue our one way conversation where I write things to you and you never respond! Awesome!

    Ashley and I stumbled across this awesome website while we were in New Zealand. Her website has changed a little-now it looks like it is specifically for gluten-free-but she has all kinds of great recipes...

  3. PS
    The link from your old blog doesn't work.

  4. Hi Rio!! Thanks for the link :) I did fix the link from the old blog--obviously i'm still all techno challenged.

  5. dude1!! so stoked you got a crock pot and for that site! i was going to break mine out tomorrow and make a yummy ol' buffalo glad we can now share recipes for the ol' crockpot.

    i love you.