Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lake Chelan, WA

This weekend, I fled the city and went with some friends out to my friend Paul's family lake house on Lake Chelan. This is Lake Chelan and for the record, i didn't mess with the colors. I'm sure you all know this, but you get the big pics if you click on the medium size ones here.

We spent a lot of the weekend lounging around the house, but--as Chelan is wine country--we visited a couple of vineyards. Everyone else sampled wines while i took detail photos. There's one from each winery below:

The first vineyard we went to (i forgot the name) was having grape smashing---but i was more intrigued by these boxes. They just felt like a painting to me. Plus, the light was great and i liked the movement.

The second was called Benson Wineries. It felt Tuscan---very Italian style decorations

Last was the "Hard Row to Hoe" where there was ladder golf that the boys played while they drank wine on the lawn:
Its fall on the way home we saw everything starting to change colors as we went through Stevens Pass. But, there was also the start of a wildfire...when we first saw it, it was just a trickle of smoke, but by the time we got beyond, it was a full on fire and we could see trees burning. In case you've never seen a wildfire, it burns an amazing orange color---almost the color of Thai iced tea.

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  1. Not being a wine guy, I've always wondered; is there some equivalent to a keg stand that you do from a wine barrel?