Monday, October 26, 2009

weekend mis-adventures

Hello from the land of rain. Here's how i feel about today: 

Yes, you are right, those are my AMAZING rain boots. They were one of the first things i bought when i came to Seattle and had illusions about how much fun puddle jumping would be.

I no longer harbor such silly thoughts.

So, this weekend (after A's birthday and bowling adventures) we went to a charity auction for an organization called Homestep that combats homelessness here in Seattle. Our organization hosted a table and i conned my co-workers into coming. The theme was FIESTA!

Brooke and Justin. Brooke works with me in Admin and Justin is a glass blower. His website is:  In fact, he made the earrings Brooke is wearing in this photo.
(see brooke.....i can plug shamelessly, too)     
Tizzy and the Sombrero...she was good enough to buy into me saying that she should move her head just a little to the left without understanding quite why she was doing it!!
Doug and his 50/50 raffle tickets. Doug is a curler (yes the big rock and the ice and the broom thing) who i tried in vain to convince to wear a Utilikilt to the auction. In the end he didn't wear it but some other guy did!
Judye and her kiddos: Danijela and Patrick. They were the winners of the pinata below and it was really great to have them there!
Raptina, the female dinosaur (so assumed for the fringies on her tummy). Adam had to play auctioneer. Some people's pinatas went for hundreds of dollars...ours $35. I guess being a lawyer is a better game plan for him than auctioneer. Sorry, Christies.

Then, there was Sunday and its nine hours in the library working on a Summary Judgment Motion that is due tomorrow. UF. Hope your weekends were fun and dry....and warm.
Oh, almost part of the whoooooole night on Sat: The LEMON CAKE


  1. I think I learned more about my coworkers in this one post than I have in the two years I've been working here.

  2. Did you win the lemon cake? Inquiring parental units want to know. MAT

  3. depends on how you define "win" if you mean, the collective we bought it for 330$USD then NO. If you mean we beat out a few other tables and didn't have to eat twinkies...answer is YES.