Monday, October 5, 2009

A new home.

I've been mulling over the move for a bit...but here we our new home. It felt like it was just time to move on from Part of me feels like I sold out a little on a nearly 5 year project, but maybe this one will last for the next five :)

I tried in vain to get a picture, but there's this stairwell in my building at work that has the propensity to collect rolly-pollies. No, seriously. I can't figure out how they get in there, but this one little sterile area is always full of the poor little guys in various stages of death and insanity from being stuck in a small 3 by 8 corridor they can't get out of. 

If anyone knows how to save the rolly-pollies, or just wants to welcome me over--feel free :) i moved over here because its easier to comment.


  1. hooray for easier commenting. i was always thwarted whenever i wanted to leave a note on your blog. NOT anymore. x

  2. I make it a point to save a few of those little guys from that concrete prison every morning. I figure that since they're pretty much untrainable, my only weapon in the fight is constant vigilance!

  3. it is easier to comment!!! cool bananas...

  4. Dammit Jay, you are the reason they keep reproducing. You save them, they mate like bunnies, and then return to their homeland in the stairwell like spawning salmon. I have to walk around the little landmines in my heels.