Friday, October 16, 2009


Its pouring down the powers-that-be are attempting to wash away this past week. It's the dark kind of rain that makes you want to wrap yourself in an old blanket, grab your steaming cup of tea and your novel that the pages are falling out of because you have read it so many times and go sit in the bay window and read and sip and watch the cars drive by. i'm planning to combat this rain thing by making sweet potato soup and beef stew in the crockpot (not together) and wear big fuzzy slippers. I will mull over reading Harry Potter 7 or Twilight 4 again for the millionth time, then, in the end i will just grab the huge Che biography i am grinding through 10 pages a night and stare longingly at the shelf with the trash books. the books are consuming my room...just in case anyone wondered---there are two full cases and i have covered the whole top of my mother's red desk.

But back to today, today it is pouring...and it's national bosses' day. Its been a day of trying to bring cheer. I got little plants and made sugar cookies for my bosses with add your own, brilliant, pumpkin-orange frosting and sprinkles (which i am now doling out to the whole floor so that Adam doesn't consume like 20 of them later. Mind you, he did glare at me and ask where i was going with HIS cookies when i headed off with them.) And i spent half my morning making a poster to cheer up our marketing team because they have a couple super high stress projects going on. and between the stress and the rain, no one can be happy. I suspect all this niceness and domesticity may be a result of PMS....but for now it seems to be making others happy and that is the goal of rainy poury fridays.

so here's to posters, sprinkles and the prospect of my blanket in a couple hours.


  1. i love how your pms results in happy, nice things happening.

    cheers to rainy days - you are more than welcome to come over and bask in the 85+ here...

  2. the che movie with benicio del toro is a nice supplement to huge, grinding books